Pokemon Master Siofra Milliefiore (siofrafiore) wrote in 1sentencepr0n,
Pokemon Master Siofra Milliefiore

Theme Post #8

Theme #8 - Trust
Deadline: Friday November 20th, GMT

1) Must be ONE SENTENCE long. Related to the theme.
2) All fandoms and pairings are welcome.
3) Submissions must be labeled properly in the subject line according to FANDOM and PAIRING. E.G: Harry/Draco, HARRY POTTER
4) Members are allowed to submit more than one sentence for each theme, but only the first ONE will be considered for judging
5) After a thread is closed for judging, it is closed for good (this means no more sentences can be submitted).

This theme is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated! Winner will be up in a few days ;)
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